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Home Incarceration Program

Because of significant jail overcrowding, some judges permit offenders to serve a jail sentence on home incarceration. Typically, only nonviolent offenders with insignificant prior criminal histories are granted home incarceration. Only Jefferson County residents receive home incarceration. If you live out of the county, you will need to make arrangements with a family member or friend that resides in Jefferson County. Some adjoining counties have home incarceration programs that will accept Jefferson County offenders. I will be required to contact and secure the approval of the home incarceration program in your home county. Many home incarceration programs throughout the state will not accept offenders from different counties.

It is imperative that you have a basic residential home phone service (AT&T and Insight only) and that you cancel all accessory phone services such as call waiting, caller I.D., three-way calling, etc., prior to checking into the home incarceration program. Home incarceration programs are not free; most counties charge anywhere from $5 to $20 per day. Please note: Only on rare occasions will judges permit third-time DUI offenders to serve their sentence on home incarceration.

For example, the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections offers the home incarceration program as an alternative sentencing option for those individuals determined to be eligible by the sentencing court. A participant in the home incarceration program will be required to wear a monitoring device and follow all the rules and regulations of the program. Any person serving his or her sentence under conditions of home incarceration will be responsible for his or her food, housing, clothing and medical care expenses.

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