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Alcohol Treatment Programs

Alcohol Education And Treatment Programs

I often suggest clients enroll in a state-approved alcohol education or treatment program in advance of a trial or hearing. If you are a multiple offender, I strongly recommend that you enroll with a treatment provider as soon as possible. If you are fighting a losing battle with alcoholism, please consult with your doctor and family. Many clients have found recovery by going to nationally recognized recovery programs such as Hazelden and the Betty Ford Center. I have found that courts and prosecutors are willing to postpone cases while clients are receiving treatment. The Healing Place in Jefferson County has also received national attention for its successful alcohol recovery program.

If you plead guilty or are found guilty of any DUI offense in the Commonwealth of Kentucky you must enroll, attend and complete an alcohol education/treatment program. You must complete the counseling program before the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will allow the reinstatement of your driver's license. Failure to enroll, attend and complete a court-approved program may result in the judge holding you in contempt for failure to comply with the court's orders. The court has the power to sentence you for up to six months in the county jail or until you comply with the court's order if you fail to complete your alcohol education/treatment program as directed. If you have a high reading or a DUI case with bad facts, you may want to consider enrolling and attending the alcohol education/treatment program now, while you still have a license. You must choose a program from the list of state-approved alcohol education/treatment providers.

After a finding of guilt and upon leaving the courtroom, offenders in Jefferson County are ordered to report to the Jefferson County Court Monitoring Center (CMC) located in the basement of the Hall of Justice. The CMC will have you complete some paperwork and collect a $25 processing fee from you. The CMC employees will give you a list of approved alcohol education/treatment providers. The CMC staff will collect your fee and give you a sealed envelope to give to your alcohol/treatment provider within 10 days. If you open the envelope or fail to give the envelope to an approved provider within 10 days, you will not be in the program and you may be held in contempt by the court.

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